xHumanity – a better way of living

xHumanity social platform – a better way of living​

As societies and human networks are growing, people are increasingly turning to digital networks for direct and far more functional ways of finding and disseminating information. Inevitably, online social networks are becoming larger and more complex as well. In such networks, trust in the medium and the dissemination of i nformation and content must inevitably rely more and more on technologically-assisted means. Blockchain technology has much to contribute to the evolution of the Next Generation Internet and towards achieving high levels of Distributed Trust seamlessly and unobtrusively, by explicitly increasing trustworthiness of the content shared through future media. Trust is essential to societies and blockchain has the potential to shift the focus from trust in people and institutions to trust in the technology being used.

As a social platform, xHumanity seeks to set up communities which are not based on individualism. These groups can then define their own limits and areas of operation and development as much as they want without being conditioned, not even by age. Each user’s reactions and relationships are measured and translated into quantifiable social reputation. Our system also comes up with an ingenious solution which aims to quantify the problems and divergences between the participants and turn them into reputation, drawing on negotiations and reconciliation between participants.

Users – or rather people within the system will be rewarded for their social behavior with xCRED, the future currency of human relations, the bearer of trust and creativity of the people using the platform. All actions, reactions and relationships will make up the digital social fingerprint of each user. Trust between people is crucial, as it provides the basis for the development of social relations.

As Roger C. Mayer and his colleagues have pointed out in their trust research, trust is defined as the “willingness of a party to be vulnerable to the action of another party based on the expectation that the other will perform a particular action important to the trustor”. As an important feature brought into question, vulnerability means that there are certain elements that can be lost and that the trusting party itself also assumes some risks.

One can easily notice that nowadays, the vulnerability of social groups is very high, as there are alternative levers being used to control certain aspects of social decision, thus giving people little independence. Also, what we usually refer to as cooperative behavior does not reflect at all the current level of trust between parties, because this “cooperation” could actually be the consequence of coercion/coercive control. This is where our Game of Truth comes into play – a novelty brought by the xHumanity team which will also be available in the decentralized application. The purpose of this game is to get rid of fake news with the help of AI.

xHumanity – the future of social economy


xCRED tokens provide access to financial services such as staking, farming, borrowing and lending, under much more advantageous conditions for xHumanity users than for those who are not part of the application. The implementation of UBI (Universal Basic Income) will bring guaranteed annual benefits such as xDNA tokens for the app users.

The link between social involvement in the application and financial services will be established with the help of xCRED-xDNA pools. Therefore, financial services in the fiat world will become available to the crypto world. Essentially, in order to access a loan from a bank it will be enough to have a very good fingerprint and some collateral cash in xDNA tokens.

As a decentralized application, it is obvious that xHumanity’s governance will belong to its users. One of the decisions they will have to make is regarding the destination of the tokens for each year. A maximum of 5% of the total tokens can be issued in one year. At the end of the year, the remainder of tokens that have not been allocated could be divided between users, donated or burnt through a transparent voting process.

Users will also be the ones to decide whether or not any ads will be present within the app. Virtually each group will be able to decide if and what type of ads they will be able to run for users within that group. A competitive system between advertising providers will be introduced and the resulting revenues will belong to the community.

From beginning to end, the xHumanity app covers the full spectrum, interconnecting other social networks into one and providing its users with the wallet that will bring zero fees for transfers between users. xHumanity represents the future of an economy based on social involvement.

Lets’ build our future. Together.