xHumanity — a letter to you

xHumanity app — a letter to you

If the first question that comes to mind as a potential user of the xHumanity app is: Why yet another social app?, then keep on reading, the following lines are definitely for you.

xHumanity will never ask for personal data, neither yours nor belonging to somebody else you know. The levels of anonymity desired by each user will be respected by the system, as this will provide the starting point for building a community in its true sense, rather than one based on individualism. Starting with family groups and all the way to entire communities, the right to privacy of each user will be respected. The groups will be able to define their degree of isolation depending on their preferences and to the extent they desire. There will be no unwanted ads and levels of access to various categories of information for any and all ages will also be defined.

Do you still have other questions? Keep going.

Another thing which is probably quite important to you is your reputation within society. We believe we can help you become who you truly want to be. Through the system which we have implemented right from the beginning we believe that helping each other is essential. The help may come in many shapes and forms including donations, support for environmental protection or education and it will become one of the key points in your reputation. Essentially, you will be rewarded for your human conduct with xCRED, the new currency for social relationships. You may be thinking that you don’t have enough money to donate but you could also make a valuable contribution by donating or providing users of the system with research studies or papers, lesson plans or access to educational video resources. As users are at the forefront of the system, the Universal Basic Income (UBI) will also be implemented precisely so you can access resources within the system for free.

Why is not being afraid of AI (artificial intelligence) a good idea? Mainly because xHumanity could help you foster your creativity. You can post anything you want, as we encourage freedom of speech. The community will be the one appreciating your efforts, ideas and involvement. We are only here to reward you for these things. Also, and this may have not crossed your mind yet but fun is actually deeply important too. Social reputation can take many forms so make sure others feel good and you will not be overlooked for doing so.

xHumanity can help you align your actions with your definition of the truth, enabling you to redefine your notion of truth. By using Game Theory, it is you who would have to actively get involved in discovering the truth. Regardless of the levels where you start or keep asking yourself various questions, this game will serve as the basis for establishing trust between us.

It is very important for you to understand that the app is yours, that it belongs to its users. Getting involved through voting is all you really need to do in order to make the app the way you wish to have it. The voting system will be group based so the voting process at community level will be very fast.
Will you be able to live with xCRED? The answer is YES, since xCRED will play a key role in creating money within xHumanity. The xDNA coin will be the bearer of your confidence and creativity. Financial processes such as staking, liquidity, lending, etc. will be directly related to xCRED. For example, the reward for staking xDNA will increase exponentially depending on the xCRED you have. You will even be able to unlock the stack with xCRED.

In the end, we would like to tell you that everything you will do will be not only for yourself but also for those around you, for the environment and for the future generations. Although it may not seem so, age is not paramount, only the desire to change the world.

Thank you,
the xHumanity Team